High Speed Broadband Internet

Digital Voice

As a phone carrier and VoIP service provider Senawave offers multiple phone plans to best fit your needs. We also offer Flex SIP Trunks that give you capacity to handle added call volume but only pay for what you use.  To learn if this is available in your area call 801-217-9000 today.


Flat-Rate usage based per minute

Why pay for more? Depending on usage this flat rate option may cost less and give your business the best value. Under this model you pay for phone usage on all inbound and outbound calls. This option is often the best value for businesses that don’t do much local calling but mainly call outbound long-distance.


Channel-based, Free inbound & local calling

This option provides fixed or percentile channels on which calls are made. These channels provide free inbound and local calling. This option is often a great fit for businesses with the vast majority of call volume being inbound or local outbound.


Fail-over destinations

Included in all of SenaWave services is the ability to manage your phone features and service through our user portal. Configuring fail-over destinations is as easy as a click and allows for maximum flexibility and better call routing to meet your business needs. To learn more about all the additional features available call a voice specialist at 801-217-9000 today.


Local, LD, and Toll-Free numbers

SenaWave can provide new local, Long-Distance, and Toll-Free numbers or port your numbers to us.

Call 801-217-9000 to learn more about our special rates and phone offerings.

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